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Jackie Bird

We’re lucky to have Jackie Bird, and I don’t just mean were lucky to have her as Eyebright’s latest artist; I mean we’re lucky that she’s  with us.  Less than eighteen months ago it could have gone either way. Jackie had been experiencing breathlessness for a least a year, and...

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Electric Vehicles Poised to Take Over.

Jose Cano and Nelson's first Electric Van It’s been a very long time in coming, but it is coming.  Before you know it electric cars will be common place.    There were electrics car back in the 1800s, but batteries were the problem.  Petrol packed more punch per kilogram, and we...

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Christmas Tree Growing: Inter-Generation Know How

DAVID SAMPSOM AND PETER  It all started in 2004.  Eyebright had only just moved to its present location.   I planted 30 Radiata Pines and 15 Douglas Firs.  The Douglas Firs went scraggly, while the Radiatas grew well if not beautiful.  The trouble with farming is that upping your game is...

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