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Walnuts are totally healthy.  We’ve been scoffing them for at least 9000 years.  The Romans, called them Jupiters Royal Acorn.  I can’t say for sure that their empire lasted for 1000 years because they ate walnuts but I can say that they are full of antioxidants, rich in selenium, phosphorous,...

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We have some clear nights ahead of us and there’s a treat waiting for you.  Amongst the myriad of stars that shine like the LED fairy lights you can buy at Eyebright there’s one incandescent bulb.  That’s Mars. Mars whizzes around the sun at about the same speed we do,...

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George Leathers Duck Crackers

George Leather came in last year to show me the nut crackers that he and a friend make.On the same day, a lady overheard our conversation, saw how well they worked, how well made they were, and bought the first one. The other three George supplied were gone in short...

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