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Christmas Tree Growing: Inter-Generation Know How

DAVID SAMPSOM AND PETER  It all started in 2004.  Eyebright had only just moved to its present location.   I planted 30 Radiata Pines and 15 Douglas Firs.  The Douglas Firs went scraggly, while the Radiatas grew well if not beautiful.  The trouble with farming is that upping your game is...

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Sarah Churchman

I never take for granted how fortunate I am to have not just good staff, but extraordinarily exceptionally outstanding staff; our most recent addition being Sarah Churchman. Sarah was born in the UK but couldn’t wait to get across the channel the moment she finished school.  She was and still...

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Eyebright's Black Sheep

Martha, Matilda and Magdalena, came to Eyebright two years ago.   If you enjoy mayhem, you would have been amused by the antics the first time we moved them from one paddock to another.  They ended up scattered throughout the Christmas tree plantation while four people shouted and waved their arms. ...

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