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Advanced Middle Aged Crisis Cured

I owe a debt of gratitude to the American presidential candidates.  Between them, and including Bernie Saunders they have cured me of a malaise. The summer before last I was preparing for the Rainbow Rage, that’s a 150 odd kilometre ride over the road which is now being proposed as...

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Eyebright Hydrangeas at Silly prices

The hydrangeas along the front of Eyebright are legendary.   They all trace their heritage back to one particular plant I spotted in Nelson almost thirty years ago.  This winter I reformed my hydrangea bed and replanted.  I also struck about forty cuttings more than I needed. These are now bonny...

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  Eyebright sells packets of Sunflowers seeds of the same type growing at our road frontage.     These packets make great gifts.  In Nelson, they perform beautifully if sown anytime in December.  Sunflowers are the seeds of happiness; a highly effective antidepressant. If you’ve got a sunny location, and are happy...

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