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A Hot Iron from the Past

Yes that’s an old iron.  Really old!   I spotted it near our walnut tree a few days ago. It was still warm,  The Eyebright site just keeps on turning up artefacts (I have buckets of them).  They all date back to Dr McShanes house which was near the front of...

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Eyebright from Outer Space

It came to me a year and a half ago when flying in after my sailing trip to Fiji (see earlier blog)....  The Eyebright roof was a blank canvas. I needed to paint the roof, so why not paint ‘Eyebright’ on the roof?....Because it would be a massive undertaking!  Why...

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Sunflowers and other Crops at Eyebright

Many of you will remember three years ago when our front paddock was full of sunflowers and we had a hugely popular sunflower festival.  Why hasn’t Peter planted the paddock in sunflowers again?  You ask.  Well sunflowers are a crop that you most definitely do not plant year after year...

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